Always Action Nature Image Challenges

Each Trail ,Tour ,Trip or Watch Has 8 Questions

Each Question Requires a Yes or No Answer

All Questions Must be Answered Correctly in 1 Minute

Questions Are Randomly Selected For Each Trail ,Tour , Trip or Watch

All Questions Involve Images About Nature , Scenic Areas , Fishing or Birds

You WILL Run Out of Time If You Try to Google for Answers

Incorrectly Answered Challenges Can be Tried Again in 24 hrs


Correctly Answer a Trail ,Tour ,Trip or Watch Challenge

Earn $ 3.00


You MUST Have A PayPal Account To Collect Earnings

You Can Collect Earnings Multiple Times


We Are Always Adding or Changing Questions in Our Challenges

Any Kind of Malfunction Voids the Outcome of Game Play

Any Cheating or Undesirable Behavior by Any User

Will Result in Termination of Registration and All Non - Paid Out Earnings

All of Our Image Challenge Games Are Free To Play

We Try To Be Accurate and Correct with All Images , Questions and Answers

We Regret Any Errors That Are Found - Please Let Us Know If You Find Any


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